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What kinds of surgical errors could injure patients?

Each year, many Miami-Dade residents go in for surgery. Most of these operations occur without any problems, but sometimes patients can be injured due to a surgical error. Surgeons are supposed to be highly trained professionals; how could an injurious surgical error happen? This blog post will provide some basic information about some of the kinds of surgical errors.

We protect against medical malpractice defense attacks

Hospitals can be a place of health and healing, but they can also be institutions where unthinkable medical mistakes are made. This can be terrifying for Floridians, and rightfully so. After all, on a daily basis, Floridians instill their trust in the doctors and nurses who treat them. Yet, the sad reality remains, that, despite efforts made by patients to prevent medical errors, many are left with serious injuries, worsened medical conditions and even fatal circumstances.

What can I do to prevent surgical errors?

For many Floridians, the mere thought of surgery can be frightening. The hospital smell, the nausea that often accompanies anesthesia and the idea of being cut is enough to make anyone anxious. But, for many Floridians, these fears pale in comparison to the reality they have to face when they are subjected to a surgical error. A mistake made during surgery can leave an individual disfigured, with a worsened medical condition, or, in some instances, dead. Such incidences can cause significant pain and suffering, and recovering from injuries caused can be quite expensive.

Infections can be caused by a surgery error

Many Floridians have to undergo surgery at one point or another to have a medical condition treated or remedied. Few, if any, are comfortable with the idea of being cut open and having individuals handle fragile parts of their bodies, but the extensive education and training of medical professionals may help alleviate their fears. Unfortunately, despite their qualifications, doctors and nurses can still make mistakes that can lead to serious injuries.

What are some causes of wrong-site surgeries?

Medical advances have left patients with more options than ever before. Though some illnesses and conditions are now treatable via non-invasive means, others still require invasive operations. Those who have had to undergo surgery know just how nerve-wracking it can be. A patient can have concerns about the operation's success rate and the likelihood that an organ or artery will be inadvertently nicked. One concern that patients often fail to recognize is the very real possibility of a wrong-site surgery.

Anesthesia and its potential complications

Many Floridians fear medical procedures. Some might be scared that the operation will be unsuccessful, while others may be concerned that they will be left with unsightly scarring or lingering pain with a long road to recovery. Though these are legitimate concerns, there are much more serious issues that may arise during the surgical process that could leave a patient with a serious injury. In some instances, these matters can lead to death.

How common are inadvertent punctures during surgery?

Many Floridians who have to undergo a medical procedure feel uneasy about the idea. They may feel queasy about being rendered unconscious and then being cut open and prodded. Yet, with today's medical technology and knowledge, many operations go off without a hitch, and patients are left better off. No system is perfect, however, and when mistakes occur during a surgery, the results can be tragic.

Those hurt by surgical errors can find legal help

Just last week on the blog, we discussed an instance of anesthesia error and how it left a military veteran in a vegetative state. Though we like to think that surgical errors like these are extremely rare, the truth of the matter is disheartening. The truth is that it only takes one seemingly minor mistake, or an overworked medical professional, or someone's lack of sleep to cause a tragic incident. Those unfortunate individual who are victimized by errant doctors and nurses then have to try to deal with the aftermath of the error.

Anesthesia error leaves veteran in vegetative state

Floridians who need surgery may find themselves afraid of the big day. Depending on the length, complexity, and purpose of the operation, these individuals may find themselves fearing that there will be complications that leave them disfigured, with a worsened medical condition, or an outcome that no one wants to think about. Fortunately, the highly trained doctors and nurses in Florida are usually able to competently conduct their duties in a way that leaves patients better off. Other times, though, that is not the case.

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