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Medical malpractice and expert witnesses

Taking legal action against a negligent medical professional or hospital can be one way to pursue damages suffered as the result of medical malpractice. However, before a victim can recover the compensation to which he or she is entitled, he or she will have to prove that the defendant was in fact negligent and that negligence caused the victim's harm. This may sound easy enough, but in the complex scientific world of medicine there can be many disagreements and the issues may be well-beyond the average person, requiring expert testimony.

Representation when facing medical malpractice

Medical care today compared to that of 10 years ago is quite amazing. New research and advances in technology have increased medical professionals' ability to accurately diagnose and effective treat a variety of conditions. Yet, the system is still far from perfect. As was discussed in a post a few weeks ago, sometimes medical errors are made that leave victims with serious injuries. In the worst cases, the mistakes are fatal.

Unnecessary medical procedure could have killed Florida man

When people think of hospitals, they often think of places of healing. Yet, as much as hospitals are institutions where medical care is given to those in need, they are also businesses. With the rising cost of medical care and soaring profits, many find the ideas of providing needed healthcare and generating business conflicting. Though most medical professionals are able to separate the two, ensuring that patients and not profits are put first, sometimes problematic and even tragic events occur that raise questions.

Medical malpractice claim filed after maggots found in mouth

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated in an attempt to protect patient safety. Doctors and nurses are required to possess a certain amount of education and training, and the facilities themselves must be up to industry standards. Despite regulatory efforts, though, many Floridians are left susceptible to hospital negligence, oftentimes suffering injuries and death.

It may be possible to recover in cases of hospital negligence

Originally, the law of medical malpractice was applied to doctors to enable injured patients to recover if a doctor's negligence caused injury. Eventually, judges came to understand that doctors are not the only possibly negligent parties in a malpractice case. It may be possible for injured patients in South Florida to seek damages in cases of hospital negligence by suing the hospital that was allegedly negligent. This blog post will provide a brief overview of this topic.

Nursing facilities see preventable adverse events

Readers of this blog are well aware of the responsibilities carried by nursing homes and their employees. These duties shouldn't be taken lightly, especially since a seemingly minor error in one area could lead to serious injuries or even death. Our elderly loved ones are vulnerable, and they should be treated with the utmost care. While this means being properly nourished, adequately monitored, and kept away from abuse while in a nursing home, it also means being given the proper care after a hospital stay.

Florida Supreme Court to hear medical malpractice case

The legal process can take a long time to fully play out. This does not diminish its importance, however. Instead, those cases that make it to the Florida Supreme Court's level are bound to reshape the law as we know it. This can have a significant impact on Floridians, including those affected by medical malpractice. To see just how much of a difference it can make, one need only look to one case before the Supreme Court this month.

Our firm is dedicated to helping victims of medical malpractice

Going to the hospital can leave any Floridian with anxiety. After all, Floridians typically only go to the hospital when you have been injured, are experiencing symptoms of some sort of illness or receiving treatment for a medical condition. Despite our fears, though, many of us wind up feeling comfortable in what we assume are competent hands of medical professionals. Tragically, as was discussed in last week's post, medical mistakes can affect anyone at any time and the results can be devastating.

Florida hospital sued for failing to transfer patient

Whether we want to admit it or not, hospitals are businesses that, while seeking to effectively and safely treat patients, try to make a profit. The standard of care provided by a medical institution and its business operations can be mutually exclusive to a certain extent, but sometimes it appears as if Florida patient health and safety is compromised in hopes of making more money.

Steps to consider prior to filing a medical malpractice claim

Medical professionals are far from perfect. They often make mistakes, leading to serious injuries, decreased chances of survival and even death. Sometimes, these individuals even intentionally inflict harm on patients. Regardless of how it happens, victims of medical malpractice can suffer significantly. They might face harsh financial losses and their physical and emotional well-being can be jeopardized. Though a sense of hopelessness can loom over these victims, they should take comfort in knowing that they may be able to find compensation, justice and closure via a hospital negligence lawsuit.

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