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Florida nursing home placed on watch list after neglect incident

Nursing homes carry a big responsibility by caring for the elderly who cannot care for themselves. By assuming this duty of care, these institutions promise to provide residents with proper nutrition, monitoring and medication. An error in any of these areas of care can constitute nursing home neglect, and the results may be devastating.

Florida nursing home resident suffers from bedsores

Nursing homes exist to take care of the elderly whose families are unable to do so themselves. These institutions are therefore expected to be safe, with patients receiving attention and supervision. Sadly, lapses in these duties of care occur. When nursing home neglect happens, victims can receive serious injuries. One such incident in Clermont is under investigation, and Miami residents should take note.

Jury finds infected bedsores led to man's death in Florida nursing home

Nursing homes are supposed to be a safe place for the elderly and those who need special care. Families bring their loved ones to these institutions with the expectation that their family members will be in good hands. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect often betrays the trust families have placed in these institutions. A recent jury verdict out of Palm Beach County shows how tragic nursing home neglect can be and how a civil lawsuit can help those who have been harmed.

Nursing staff failure leads to baby's death

The birth of a child is an exciting, happy time. Doctors and nurses typically provide adequate care that ensures the mother and baby's safety. Sadly, though, lapses in judgment and avoidable accidents happen that can cause serious injury and death. Hospital negligence can leave Miami families devastated, facing a lifetime of physical and emotional pain. A recent lawsuit filed in southern Florida illustrates how hospital negligence can be tragic.

Nursing home fall leads to broken vertebra and death

When Miami residents take their elderly relatives to a nursing home they expect those loved ones to receive the care they need and deserve. This care does not only mean that nursing home residents receive proper medication and nutrition, but also that they receive proper supervision as well. A failure in any of these areas can constitute nursing home neglect and leave a resident with serious injuries, or it can sometimes even be fatal. These incidences can happen anywhere at any time, so it is important that Miami residents are informed of these cases so they can detect when nursing home neglect has taken place.

Florida meningitis outbreak victim files lawsuit

A great number of hospital patients are placed on medication during their stay and after they leave. Not surprisingly, Miami patients take these medications without a second thought. And they should not have to second guess their doctor's prescription. Years of training should allow doctors to avoid medication errors. Yet, incidents of prescribing the wrong medicine or defective medications still happen often enough for concern.

Florida woman's estate awarded $2.3 million after jury finds facility negligent

People in Miami and elsewhere expect that their loved ones will be properly cared for in a nursing home or other assisted-living facility. Sadly, instances of nursing home neglect occur all too frequently. When residents are neglected, they may be left with injuries. In some instances, the injuries people suffer are so severe that they do not survive.

Misread test leads to man's cardiac arrest

Medical schools provide their students with years of intensive, hands-on training in the hopes of developing doctors who are capable of providing accurate, efficient and safe care. One of the most integral parts of this care is the diagnosis. A proper diagnosis can lead to quick treatment and a speedy recovery. On the other hand, a doctor's failure to diagnose a condition can have dire consequences. A Florida family is feeling the effects of a missed diagnosis.

Reports of abuse and neglect at one Florida facility

While it can be an unnerving event, no one should truly fear for their safety when they go to the hospital. For this reason, Miami residents expect that a hospital will provide them with the best care possible. Unfortunately, such care is not always provided and personnel may try to cover up instances of hospital negligence. Hiding incidents of medical malpractice not only hinder victim's recovery, but also puts future patients at risk. Miami residents should be aware that cover ups like this can happen anywhere, and one such cover up has been exposed in Hardee County.

Continued use of birth control pills causes post-surgery death

Many times, Miami doctors tell patients to take several precautions prior to having an operation. These measures could include changing diet, abstaining from liquids and stopping medication. Since most patients do not know what steps need to be taken prior to surgery, they rely on doctors to inform them. When this information is not conveyed, serious injury or death can occur. These instances of medical malpractice are traumatizing, as is evidenced by one family's loss of a wife and mother.

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