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Blood tests may help detect cancer, if performed correctly

Nobody likes to think about cancer, but for many Floridians this devastating disease is far more than a concept; it's a reality that has tragic consequences for their health and well-being. Fortunately, advances in diagnostic testing and treatment have made cancer more treatable, allowing many to successfully overcome it. However, this success often hinges on an early and accurate diagnosis.

What are the legal remedies for misdiagnosis?

Medical misdiagnosis is serious and when victims and families have suffered medical malpractice, it is important to understand the legal resources and remedies available to help. Victims of medical malpractice and misdiagnosis may feel particularly vulnerable and that the trust placed in medical professionals has been violated. Medical malpractice can occur in a variety of different situations.

Florida doctor facing lawsuit for misdiagnosis

Medical professionals hold an esteemed position in our society. Utilizing their knowledge, skill and passion for helping those in need, these doctors and nurses oftentimes help cure and heal their patients. But sometimes these medical professionals are less than what they appear to be, and this can spell danger for Floridians.

Differential diagnosis and medical malpractice

Quick and accurate diagnosis of a medical condition is key to one's ability to successfully treat and, hopefully, beat a disease or illness. Yet, medical diagnosis is a complicated process, especially since many conditions can exhibit similar symptoms, and some key characteristics of a disease or other medical condition may be hard to detect unless the proper tests are conducted. This is why doctors receive years of education and on-the-job training.

Pneumonia and misdiagnosis

There are a lot of medical conditions out there. Depending on the type and the speed with which an individual obtains medical attention, these conditions can be extremely minor and easily curable, or devastating and long-term. In some instances, an untreated or improperly diagnosed minor illness can turn into something more severe, posing the risk of permanent disability or even death. For this reason, it is important that medical professionals diligently work to avoid a missed diagnosis.

Missed diagnoses caused by negligence are unacceptable

Our last blog post discussed the diagnosis of breast cancer. Though medical professionals have a number of tests at their disposal to make accurate cancer diagnoses, the human element in the process often leads to errors. Where a failure to diagnose occurs, victims may be deprived of a significant chance of beating the disease, and the mistake may even wind up being fatal. And cancer isn't the only medical condition susceptible to misdiagnosis. Every illness, injury and disease has the potential to be misdiagnosed by negligent medical professionals.

How is breast cancer diagnosed?

Cancer is scary, and we all hope that we and our loved ones can escape its far-reaching grasp. Unfortunately, for many Floridians and their families, this isn't possible. In those instances, individuals hope that the disease is quickly detected and treated efficiently. Early detection is often key, as treating cancer in the earlier stages can increase the likelihood of remission and provides an increased chance of survival.

What can I do to help prevent misdiagnosis?

It is not uncommon for Floridians to stress when they start feeling seriously ill or a significant amount of pain. Yet, many individuals live with the mantra that ignorance is bliss. This is a dangerous way to live, particularly in an age when medical advances have increased doctors' ability to treat even the most serious medical conditions. With that being said, though, many are still concerned with the frequency that doctors fail to properly diagnose their patients. Fortunately, there are certain steps that a patient can take to help curtail the risk of a missed diagnosis.

What kind of medical tests can help diagnose a stroke?

Many different health conditions share symptoms. Without proper and thorough medical attention, a person's headache could be attributed to a minor medical condition when, in reality, it is a sign of something much more serious. The diagnosis process is thus a critical juncture for a patient, and one that could mean the difference between saving health and falling into dire conditions.

What tests are given to detect lung cancer?

As many Floridians know, cancer is a terrible, life-altering, and sometimes life-ending, disease. Advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment have helped render the disease treatable and curable in some instances, but early detection is often key. In order to detect cancer, a patient must be aware of any symptoms they may be experiencing, seek medical evaluation in a timely fashion, and submit to the appropriate tests. Yet, even when this is done, medical negligence may lead to a failure to diagnose, which could, in turn, lead to a worsened medical condition.

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