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Once again, COVID cases are on the rise in Florida nursing homes

For more than a year now, we have been tracking the rise and fall of COVID-19 cases throughout the country, and particularly in Florida’s nursing homes and other elder care facilities. There was a short time early this year when the numbers looked encouraging. Now, it looks like we are facing another spike in COVID numbers in Florida’s nursing homes.

Alarming numbers

According to news source Florida Phoenix online, the AARP’s data indicates a significant increase in COVID cases in nursing homes in Florida:

  • Florida has a COVID-19 rate in nursing homes (.63 cases per 100 residents) that is higher than the national average (.4 cases per 100 residents).
  • Florida’s .63 cases per 100 residents is higher than its own recent count of .4 cases per 100 residents.
  • Florida’s .63 cases out of 100 residents is ranked 11th among states, meaning there are only 10 states in the United States that are faring worse than Florida in terms of COVID cases per capita in nursing homes.
  • Nearly 50% of Florida’s nursing homes continue to report new cases of COVID among staff.

These are alarming numbers indeed. It seems that we are not through this pandemic in our nursing homes after all.

Who is responsible?

There are several factors to blame for the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Florida nursing homes. In addition to the new strains that have come out of late, as well as Florida’s poor vaccination records among its nursing home staff members, there are the usual suspects: Nursing homes that consistently fail to live up to the standards and regulations set out by the CDC and other authorities.

In our experience Brookdale and Manor Care are two of Florida’s nursing home care providers who consistently fall short in terms of following COVID safety protocols.

What should you do?

If you are considering one of these facilities for yourself or for your parents, you should do the research and think carefully. There are other facilities in Florida that have much stronger COVID safety records. If you or a loved one has contracted COVID while a resident of a Florida nursing home, talk with an experienced nursing home lawyer to discuss your options.


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