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Facility accused of clearing rooms for coronavirus patients

Nursing homes and long-term care centers in Florida have an obligation to provide the best possible care to their patients. Never should any potential financial incentive motivate (or discourage) the delivery of that care.

Nearly everyone likely understands that the payment for healthcare services (which nursing homes provide) can be a complicated process. The recent coronavirus pandemic only served to introduce further complexities into that process. Yet despite this fact, nursing homes are still expected to deliver treatment and services to those entrusted with their care (regardless of the potential for any financial remuneration they may receive).

Lawsuit alleges facility deliberately sought coronavirus patients

A failure to meet this expectation might certainly qualify as negligence. A recent lawsuit filed in California accuses a local facility of doing just that. According to the Los Angeles Times, the facility deliberately discharged residents still in need of care in order to free up space to accept patients dealing with the coronavirus. The reason behind the action was the desire to secure the greater reimbursement Medicare made available for coronavirus patients. As part of the settlement of the lawsuit, the facility agreed to take on more staff in order to accommodate a greater patient load.

Legal action related to all aspects of the coronavirus

Many might think that the only justified legal action related to the coronavirus stems from direct treatment of the virus. Yet those who may have suffered due to its indirect effects may also be in need of legal advocacy. In such cases, their need for compensation may be as great (or even greater) than those who contracted the virus, as the physical and emotional toll wrought by other issues can be just as debilitating.


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