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Ways Nursing Home Staff Can Financially Abuse Residents

When you think of nursing home abuse, you might think of somebody physically hurting your loved one or perhaps neglecting them to the point where they wind up sick or injured. While those are both potential risks for residents in nursing homes, there are other, more subtle forms of abuse that can also take place.

Financial abuse is a common issue that people face when they become dependent on others for their care. Recognizing what financial abuse might look like in a nursing home can help you protect your loved one from it.

What does financial abuse by a caregiver look like?

According to Forbes, an older adult giving the wrong person access to an account or debit or credit card is a leading cause of financial abuse, but it is far from the only one. Talking with your loved one about how they should limit who has access to their account and cards can be one way to reduce their risk for financial abuse.

Still, it is also possible for workers to steal money from your loved one, take credit cards for personal spending and then return them or even write themselves a check while fraudulently signing your loved one’s name. In some cases, caregivers may try to use their position to coerce someone into giving them assets. They could claim that they have earned the money and deserve it.

It is also possible for someone to use their position as a caregiver to exert undue influence on an older adult and try to pressure them into changing their last will to name their caregiver as a beneficiary. If your loved one reports that staff members have asked for access to their bank accounts, stolen from them or started sharing sad stories about how hard their lives are, all of those could be warning signs that someone has chosen to target your loved one.