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Family Sues Manorcare of Boca Raton FL, LLC

ManorCare, a nursing home in Boca Raton, Florida, is facing a serious lawsuit from the family of a man who passed away while in the care of the facility.

Damages in the case exceed $15,000. Documents specifically note that the man in question, due to his advanced age, could not care for himself. He passed away on April 11, 2019.

Per the court filings, the family alleges that the staff at the nursing home should have set up a proper care plan for the elderly man and failed to do so. They said that plan should have included a setup to monitor him and supervise him. He was in the Alzheimer’s unit.

Despite the fact that the unit was locked and secured, the lawsuit alleges that the man was murdered while in the facility. They claim he was strangled and passed away as a result. The suit claims that the home violated the man’s right by allowing this to happen, as they failed to:

  • Supervise him adequately
  • Give him protective services
  • Maintain proper records
  • Develop a care plan that met his needs
  • Recognize “significant signs and symptoms” showing there had been a change in his health
  • Notify his family and his doctors
  • Prevent foreseeable harm
  • Properly train and supervise the staff
  • Retain adequate staff for the facility
  • Protect the man’s privacy and dignity
  • Follow the doctor’s orders

After the man’s passing, he leaves behind three daughters.

When someone passes away in a nursing home, it can be tragic and unnecessary. Family members need to know what legal rights they have.