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Experts say that nursing home neglect deserves more severe fines

Nursing home residents are some of the most fragile and vulnerable individuals in the United States, and they deserve excellent care and assistance in their living facilities. Unfortunately, they too often suffer from neglect and even outright abuse.

In order to break the cycle and provide the consistent high-end care that these individuals deserve, experts looked at a number of different factors. A few of them included closing down nursing homes with serious violations, prosecuting those with the most or the worst violations, becoming more vigilant in the fight against neglect and giving this issue the serious consideration that it needs.

Another important point, though, was an argument for heavier fines at the state level, especially when specific locations have repeated issues. Experts say that the average fine is around $5,000, and that’s only when the violation is very severe. In a lot of cases, homes do not even get fined. This can allow dangerous behavior to continue.

Federal fines are higher than the state fines by a wide margin. The average at the federal level is around $27,000. The problem is that they are not used nearly as often as state fines. Experts say that nursing homes that make millions have no problem paying the more common $5,000 fines and that they do not really deter negligent behavior by those who work in these facilities.

Has your loved one been neglected in a nursing home? Regardless of what fines and legal penalties they may be facing, you need to know all of the individual legal steps your family can take.


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