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Certified nursing assistant faces allegations of striking patient

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2018 | Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is harmful to patients physically and mentally. Many patients already struggle with mental health diagnoses, but others simply struggle with physical concerns. An attack of any kind at a nursing home or by an aide could start an elder on a path to deterioration.

According to a recent article from Aug. 22, an elderly person, 91 years old, was attacked by a certified nursing assistant (CNA). The news reports that the 91-year-old patient suffers from disabilities along with dementia. Now, a Jacksonville CNA has had her license suspended based on the allegations of her involvement in the patient’s injuries.

The report states that the woman hit the patient with her hand. She allegedly struck the back of her head in response to the patient swinging her jacket at the CNA. When asked for her side of the events, the CNA said she did touch the woman, but she called it a “tap.” She also said she did not push her to the ground. The elderly woman fell following the incident, which led to a cut to her arm.

The CNA plans to enter a not-guilty plea for the charge of elder abuse. She will have a hearing in approximately a month on Sept. 26.

Even if a medical provider only “taps” a loved one of yours, that’s a tap too far. There’s no reason any medical provider should touch your loved one in an aggressive manner, no matter how difficult they may be. Dementia and disabilities are complex, and only those who can handle the changes of these conditions should work with the elderly.


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