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Signs of a good nursing home

Shopping around for nursing homes can be a stressful time. You already know that many elderly people in Florida and elsewhere are victims of physical and emotional abuse by their caregivers. How do you know that the nursing home you are considering is one you can trust to provide quality care for your loved one?

The following points, provided by AARP, are some of the elements that go into a good nursing facility:

  • Satisfied staff – The staff makes up the backbone of any nursing home. The place might be a good one if the caregivers get along with each other, communicate well and treat the residents with kindness and respect. The staff at a good nursing home should have great organizational skills and be professional instead of seeming overworked and stressed out.
  • Physical and mental condition of residents – Do nursing home residents appear active and engaged, or are they in their rooms all the time with nothing but the television to keep them company? Is their personal hygiene attended to, and are immobile residents turned often to avoid bedsores?
  • Emergency care – How does the facility handle incidents such as falls and injuries? Falls are common among seniors, even in good facilities. Does the staff make a thorough report of incidents, handle a medical emergency appropriately and monitor an injured resident for complications?
  • Atmosphere – What does your gut feeling tell you about the place? Are the facilities cheerful? Would the food and entertainment at the facility be something you would want for yourself?
  • Customer service – The staff and administrators at a good nursing home will want to keep residents and relatives happy and respond to concerns or complaints in a respectful and timely manner.

Your first impression of a place can tell you a great deal, but so can continued observation. When your loved one is in a nursing home, it is important to visit often to make sure the facility is up to your standards.


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