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How to avoid falls in nursing homes

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Nursing Home Abuse

It is inevitable that people become more concerned with physical health as they age. The human body is a temple, which occasionally needs extra scaffolding as it enters the golden years. This is why many elderly people and their families opt to involve professional caretakers in their lives as problems mount.

Although nursing homes and assisted-living facilities are an essential part of the care of senior citizens, accidents can happen and the frustrations of staff members can result in poor care or abuse. One of the leading causes of nursing home injuries is falls, with nearly 2,000 nursing home residents dying from falls each year.

People and families considering residential care facilities should check their safety records and training programs. Around a quarter of nursing homes are cited for causing death or serious injury each year, and these events should raise concerns. Homes with appropriate training tend to reduce injuries.

One of the leading causes of nursing home falls is tripping or slipping on obstacles in hallways, rooms or other areas where senior citizens are walking. Wet floors, high beds or chairs, objects left in hallways and badly-lit or awkward staircases are often the culprit of falls that cause serious injury or death.

Victims of shoddy conditions in nursing homes, as well as other types of abuse or neglect in assisted-living facilities, have the right to claim damages and compensation from the individuals or organizations responsible. An attorney can help victims and their families assess their option and determine what evidence is necessary for a settlement or lawsuit.

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