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Hidden cameras gather evidence in Florida nursing homes

Elder abuse and neglect are chronic problems among those who care for our country’s senior citizens as they require more support for their health and lifestyle. Although occurrences may be rare, exact figures are difficult to get due to the lack of reporting.

Victims of elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted care facilities may have additional barriers to reporting problems, such as isolation from loved ones or encroaching dementia and memory problems. As a result, several vigilant relatives of seniors are monitoring the quality of their care with hidden cameras and surveillance.

A Florida television station acquired some of the images from these cameras, which can provide disturbing evidence of nursing home abuse and neglect. A 94-year-old man experiencing dementia is seen dropped into a chair, struck in the head and doused with mouthwash by a certified nursing assistant.

The family of the man is suing the nursing home in question after the victim’s death. The family’s lawyer alleges that the mouthwash caused ulcers and sores that ultimately proved fatal. His daughter planted the camera to obtain evidence of suspected abuse and neglect.

Another camera in another nursing home shows a worker sleeping through a patient’s hazard alarm. Another shows a nurse removing a patient’s breathing tube and leaving it out for five minutes until another worker notices the problem.

Victims of nursing home abuse and neglect and their families deserve answers and often restitution after these horrific incidents. An attorney may be the best option to sort out legal remedies and the possibility of legal action.

Source: WPLG Local 10, “Hidden cameras show apparent abuse inside South Florida nursing homes,” Jeff Weinsier, Nov. 13, 2017


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