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Florida protects rights to prevent nursing home abuse

Florida is home to a high population of senior citizens; in fact, the state has the highest median age in the nation. This means that a large number of the state’s people need a little help to handle the responsibilities of daily life.

Nursing homes and assisted care facilities are often the solution to family concerns about who will handle round-the-clock care of elders. Although cases are rare, these residences’ staff may be guilty of verbal, physical, psychological or financial abuse.

These crimes thrive in secret, and the isolation that can come with nursing home life creates the conditions in which elder abuse can continue unabated. So the Sunshine State lists more than 20 specific rights that senior care residents can expect.

If these rights are violated, a civil suit may be the only option to resolve the situation. An attorney experienced in rectifying the circumstances of nursing home abuse or neglect can help victims and their families prepare the evidence and testimony for these cases.

These rights included the protection of clear and private communication with anyone the resident wishes. They also protect the ability to present grievances about the conditions of the nursing home facilities.

The right to participate in social, religious or community activities has the added effect of breaking the secrecy in which abuse may occur. The right to avoid abuse, seclusion or exclusion also target possible areas of abuse. The right to information about care for residents and their chosen representatives help keep critical information out in the open.

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