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Elder abuse may expand with the population

There are many causes of elder abuse, and there are many types of bad behavior in which it can take form. Although experts believe that the majority of abuse takes place in a senior citizen’s own home at the hands of family or in-home caregivers, it is also a major concern in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Causes of elder abuse are also numerous and diverse. Biological or psychological problems may predispose a person to abusive behavior such as a brain defect or mental illness. Social pressures can drive people to resent the roles of elders in their lives. Financial needs can provide motive for fraud.

The National Committee For The Prevention Of Elder Abuse reports about 5 percent of the older population has suffered from some kind of abuse. As the population of seniors in Florida and elsewhere in the United States continues to expand, awareness of elder abuse must expand as well to prevent it.

Isolating elders can increase the chances of abuse, as well as reduce the likelihood of abuse being discovered. Seniors should be encouraged to attend social activities, even if it is rarely, which also helps them stay in touch with the things and people they held dear earlier in life.

Victims of elder abuse, their families or those who believe they may have been the victim of abuse, may find the advice and guidance of an attorney helpful when considering the possibility of civil and criminal charges against abusers. Consider the usefulness of financial records, verbal reports or physical evidence of violence if you suspect abuse.

Source: Nursing Home Abuse Center, “Preventing Elder Abuse,” accessed Nov. 02, 2017


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