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Sepsis and broken bones are key signs of nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2017 | Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes are meant to be restful places where patients and senior residents can expect a peaceful and supportive environment. This need is so crucial that any breach of trust by a nursing home visitor or caregiver must be reported to the appropriate authorities for the good of the victim and the community.

Because elder abuse often occurs in private, it is often unobserved and unreported. Even when there are reports or evidence, it is difficult for victims and their families to know where to turn for support.

The Nursing Home Complaint Center, which administers a national hotline for abuse and neglect reporting, places specific emphasis on the dangers of sepsis. Sepsis is a type of internal infection that can result for surgery, injury or mistreatment — and senior citizens are specifically at risk.

The center is also concerned about broken bones among nursing home residents. There are no procedures that result in broken bones without error or fault, and the consequences for elderly patients can be severe.

Any sign of a physical assault, such as unexplained bruises or injuries, should be investigated for answers. Physical and psychological abuse can both have lasting effects on patients.

The center states that local law enforcement and public health agencies may lack the interest or resources to properly investigate nursing home abuse or neglect.

The recommendation is to contact an attorney and begin the process of seeking restitution for any injuries, illness or wrongful death that may have resulted from poor nursing home care.

Source: Business Insider, “Nursing Home Complaint Center Now Urges the Family of a Victim of Sepsis or Severe Abuse at A Nursing Home to Call About Compensation for The Potential Wrong Done to Their Loved One,” Aug. 15, 2017


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