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What are some examples of good nursing home operations?

The best way to protect your loved one from nursing home neglect or abuse is to do your due diligence. Finding out how nursing homes in your area of Florida operate is a great first step. Obviously, a nursing home filled with clean, happy and healthy residents is a good indication of proper operations, but it is a good idea to delve a little deeper before you make your final decision.

The sections below offer some valuable insight into the best practices of high-quality nursing homes. You can use these points as a guideline or as a checklist as you investigate the homes you are considering for your elder.

Legal, licensed and regulated: One of the biggest red flags for families is learning that a nursing home does not operate within the law. Homes that are not licensed and do comply with state and federal regulatory requirements should be disregarded as an option.

Low staff member turnover rate: Nursing homes in which staff members come and go frequently is often a warning sign that something is wrong with how the home operates. Look for homes with long-time staff members who are content, satisfied and happy.

Documented high-quality care: If possible, consider nursing homes that Medicare has awarded a four or five star quality rating. Stay away from homes with a record of serious deficiencies.

Respectful and personalized care: Nursing homes that show respect for its residents and allow them to personalize their surroundings are probably good candidates.

Preventing nursing home neglect or abuse before it happens is the best way to keep your elder safe and happy. Weigh your options carefully before you make your decision and do not hesitate to consult with a lawyer if you have concerns about the nursing home in which your loved one resides.

Source: Elder Care Helper, “Nursing Home Best Practices,” accessed June 30, 2017


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