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Other care options can keep elders safe from nursing home neglect

Ensuring that our elders are properly cared for and protected is a goal many Florida residents share. There are times when placing an elder in a nursing home is the best choice, but we want to make sure you understand that it might not be your only choice.

All across the country, alternatives to nursing home care exist in most communities. Florida, which is home to many senior citizens, is no exception, offering a wide array of care options for families to consider. If you have concerns about quality of care and the risk of nursing home neglect or abuse, then exploring these alternatives is a great idea.

CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Communities) options: The great thing about CCRCs is the array of care options they provide. Your loved one might be able to reside in an independent living residence or a skilled nursing facility that is a part of the organization.

Adult day care centers: These are often appropriate for an elder who lives with his or her family but requires supervision during the day. Most of these centers provide enriching activities for elders while also teaching them life skills.

Community based options: Unless your loved one is very ill, immobile or requires ongoing medical treatment, this option can be very beneficial. Your elder may be able to reside independently in a retirement community or a senior-oriented apartment complex. These options also include meals-on-wheels, household services and friendly visits.

While the options above cannot completely guarantee that your elder will be completely safe, it can help eliminate at least some nursing home neglect and abuse. We urge you to learn more about the elder care options available in your community. You can also visit our website to discover your legal options if your loved one is suffering from neglect.


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