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Nursing home residents are subjected to social media abuse

When you think of nursing home abuse, you likely think about classic cases: physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse and financial abuse. However, did you know that you may also want to watch out for social media abuse?

In the past, federal health regulators have found that some nursing home employees have photographed residents in a demeaning manner, while others have taken videos. They’ve then uploaded these embarrassing and/or inappropriate accounts to their social media profiles to share with the world.

The various sites involved were many of the main platforms that people use to communicate every day, from Facebook to Snapchat to Instagram. However, the pictures being put up were offensive and family members likely never would have wanted them shared.

For example, reports indicate that some of the images showed residents without their clothes on. Others showed residents who had gotten feces on themselves. Still others showed people who had recently passed away while in the nursing home.

Not only that, but the reports claimed that some residents were actively being abused in the pictures, so other types of abuse were then being combined with social media abuse.

Officials have taken steps to stop this since the reports began to come out. The state health department has been working with The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to investigate any suspicious activity.

Perhaps you never thought a worker would stoop so low as to abuse your loved one in a demeaning manner on Facebook or another social media outlet. When it happens, it can be heartbreaking. Be sure you know what all of your legal options are.

Source: NPR, “Federal Officials Seek To Stop Social Media Abuse Of Nursing Home Residents,” Charles Ornstein and Jessica Huseman, accessed May 25, 2017


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