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Legal team alleges that suffocating woman was being abused

On Behalf of | May 2, 2017 | Nursing Home Abuse

A woman in a nursing home was only able to breathe well with the help of a breathing tube and a vent system. However, that tube became disconnected, and the entire event was caught on tape. Now, her family and legal team say that the staff was abusing her and letting her suffocate..

In the video, a certified nursing assistant was working in the room, apparently touching the tube to move it or adjust it. That’s when the video makes it appear that the tube actually becomes disconnected. Alarms go off and the woman audibly struggles to breathe.

However, the CNA does not reconnect the tube. Instead, the individual pushes a few buttons, leaves the room, and comes and goes multiple times while the alarm is still sounding.

Finally, after just under six and a half minutes, another worker comes into the room. That person, who is a respiratory therapist, does look very surprised by what is found, and fixes the problem. The CNA, however, says that everything had been fine.

The family took the woman out of the facility, and they’re now suing. They claim that he was mistreated. One expert did say that the alarm that can be heard in the video is one that a CNA should never ignore.

The entire case stemmed from the fact that a family member put a hidden camera in the room, thinking that mistreatment may be happening. This helps show how much goes on behind the scenes, which can be shocking to family members. When abuse is caught on tape, they need to know whether they can seek compensation, especially when a person’s condition is made worse or that person passes away.

Source: Local10.com, “Husband shocked, worried about what he caught on nursing home camera,” Jeff Weinsier, April 28, 2017


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