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GPS tracking and the elderly

The loss of freedom can be hard for the elderly to handle, having spent decades making their own decisions and caring for others. However, especially when dealing with Alzheimer’s and other such disorders, loved ones and caregivers have to find ways to keep them safe.

For instance, one of the biggest issues with Alzheimer’s is wandering or becoming lost. An elderly person may get confused and not be able to find his or her way home, which can be terrifying for those who are searching.

One simple way to help resolve this issue is with wearable GPS technology. Then, if a loved one does turn up missing, the GPS tracker can simply be used to find his or her location on the computer. Assistance can then be dispatched to that location.

In some cases, radio frequency safe zones are established. The GPS device can then tell caregivers if the person ventures too far away and breaks that border.

This is the type of technology that may be useful in a nursing home, for example. The staff are supposed to prevent wandering and keep residents safe. However, when dealing with many residents and a small staff, there’s the constant fear that someone will be overlooked. This type of safe zone technology could prevent such episodes by alerting staff if anyone left the building.

No matter what type of tech the nursing home uses, remember that they are supposed to keep your loved one safe at all times. When the staff is negligent or the home is understaffed, if that person wanders away and is injured, you may want to look into your rights to compensation.


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