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Florida nurse investigated after sexual abuse accusations

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2017 | Nursing Home Abuse

Coworkers claim that a nurse in Panama City Beach performed sexual acts with more than one resident at the Provision Living nursing home. He is now being investigated based on those allegations, with the Florida Department of Health carrying out the investigation. The Bay County Sheriff’s Office is also involved.

According to one spokesperson, coworkers indicated that he may have acted inappropriately with female patients who were suffering from dementia. The police said that has made the investigation tough. Those with dementia may have a harder time remembering what happened or giving accurate accounts.

The Department of Health reports claim — though he has not been convicted yet — that coworkers indicated they’d found him in the patients’ rooms with the lights turned off numerous times. At least one time, he’s alleged to have climbed into the patient’s bed.

Since the patients have dementia, the Sheriff’s Office said they couldn’t use their testimonies. They also didn’t turn up anything through DNA testing. One person said they did not have the evidence required to arrest the man, and they didn’t have any concrete proof of wrongdoing. They are simply acting based on the testimony of those who worked with him.

The DOH was able to put the man on an emergency restriction so that he can’t be with female patients. The spokesperson explained that the standard of proof isn’t as high as it would be in court, so they were able to do that based on the accounts they had, even without direct evidence.

Finding out that a loved one has been abused is jarring, and it’s important for family members to know what legal options they have.

Source: MyPanhandle.com, “Former Nurse Investigated,” March 06, 2017


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