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Neglect can be a nightmare with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease can be very tough for family members to deal with. While they may take care of a loved one in the early stages, there may come a time when they need to put him or her in a nursing home. Naturally, they expect top-level care around the clock. What they may get, though, is neglect that turns the whole thing into a nightmare.

One man told the story of putting his mother into such a home, claiming that little instances of neglect just started adding up as the situation spiraled out of control. He claimed that the staff was careless and unethical, that there was no accountability and that they made mistakes even when dealing with his mother’s basic needs. For example, he says that they:

— Gave out his mother’s private information over the phone.– Dressed her in clothing belonging to other residents.– Could not locate her hearing aides, which were medically necessary.–Lost her purse, with cash in it, in the laundry room.– Had a dangerous dog in the home.– Didn’t clean her teeth well enough.– Allowed her colostomy bag to remain full.– Did not provide enough activities.

When his mother moved into the home, he says that her improvement stopped, and he implied that this was due to the poor care she was getting.

Putting a loved one in a home is hard enough, even when it’s necessary due to Alzheimer’s. Nursing home neglect just makes it that much worse. If your loved one has been harmed or neglected, you and the rest of your family may want to look into the legal options you have.

Source: The Caregiver Space, “A nursing home nightmare,” Phil Chwalinski, accessed Jan. 06, 2017


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