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Hiring practices can lead to nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2016 | Nursing Home Abuse

In nursing homes, the elderly are an incredibly vulnerable group. They are often completely dependent on their caregivers. This can lead to abuse or neglect very easily.

Sometimes, it is the hiring practices of the nursing home that can be tied to this abuse. For example, if the nursing home hires someone who has a history of violence — such as domestic violence — this could put residents at risk. It’s important for the employees to be vetted exceptionally well.

Not hiring enough workers could also be a problem. An understaffed facility is a highly stressful environment. This stress can sometimes lead people who never expected to abuse those in their care to do things that they regret in a moment of anger.

Furthermore, nursing homes should only hire workers who are trained and qualified to do the jobs they’re being hired for. Even a worker with good intentions could accidentally harm someone if he or she has poor training and no experience.

Even after the staff has been hired, it’s critical for the nursing home to provide all necessary training for that specific facility. Inadequate training, perhaps in an effort to get staff members into the workforce as quickly as possible, can lead to serious mistakes that cause injury and are sometimes fatal.

Have you had a loved one suffer harm in a nursing home, either because of negligence or direct abuse? If so, you must know what legal options you have. In some cases, there could be a criminal element to the event. Even if there is not, you may still have a right to compensation.

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