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Florida doctor facing lawsuit for misdiagnosis

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2016 | Failure To Diagnose

Medical professionals hold an esteemed position in our society. Utilizing their knowledge, skill and passion for helping those in need, these doctors and nurses oftentimes help cure and heal their patients. But sometimes these medical professionals are less than what they appear to be, and this can spell danger for Floridians.

To see an example, one need only look at one Florida neurologist who has been accused of misdiagnosing multiple individuals with multiple sclerosis. According to a recently filed lawsuit, the doctor, who has had a medical license in Florida since 1982, misdiagnosed two women in Colorado and treated them for the condition for several years, leading to physical, mental, emotional and financial damages. One of the women claims she underwent seven years of MRI scans and more than 100 treatments of Tysabri, a drug used in the treatment of the condition. She suffered fear, depression, anxiety and stress as a result of the medication. The other woman maintained that the medication the doctor prescribed for her led to full body pain. Both women were later treated by other doctors, who concluded they did not have multiple sclerosis.

The doctor, who agreed to never again practice medicine in Colorado, continues to hold an active license in Florida. He denies that he mistreated the patients despite the fact that the women went to different medical professionals who indicated that the diagnosis was wrong. The outcome of this case will be unknown for some time, as, too, may the motivations involved, but one thing is certain: far too many Floridians are subjected to a wrong diagnosis, a missed diagnosis or a failure to diagnose.

When this occurs, serious harm can befall the patient. One’s medical condition can worsen, and in instances of misdiagnosis of cancer and other deadly diseases, the delay in treatment can prove fatal. Those who have suffered harm caused by a doctor error in diagnosing should consider their legal options, as compensation may be available to them.

Source: News 6, “Neurologist responds to lawsuit over MS misdiagnoses,” Mike DeForest, Aug. 30, 2016


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