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A well-run nursing home can be a great support for an elderly loved one and his or her family. They can provide adequate attention, nutrition and medical care, ensuring that the elderly resident is healthy and safe. Tragically, though, sometimes nursing home staff act negligently, putting residents in harm’s way. These incidences can result in serious damages, including physical pain and suffering and medical expenses. In the worst cases, nursing home neglect results in death.

In an attempt to ensure nursing home patient safety, certain laws, rules and regulations have been put in place. For example, this blog recently discussed care plans and assessments, including how frequently they must be addressed. When injuries are suffered and damages incurred, a victim should look to these rules and regulations to see if any violations caused the injurious incident.

The reason a victim would want to do this is to bolster a negligence lawsuit so that his or her chances of recovering compensation are heightened. Proving negligence isn’t always so easy, however, and defense attorneys can be cunning in preparing their legal defense. In order to put forth the best case possible, those considering filing a lawsuit may want to seek out legal assistance.

At Ford Dean & Rotundo, our attorneys have years of experience and are well-equipped to handle any type of nursing home abuse or neglect case. We diligently analyze every case we handle and craft legal arguments that seek to be persuasive and aggressive. Additionally, we know how defense attorneys think, meaning that we can develop a legal strategy that attempts to destroy defense arguments before they are even made. Adequately preparing a claim takes time, though, so those considering filing a lawsuit may want to consider their legal options as soon as possible.


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