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Unnecessary medical procedure could have killed Florida man

When people think of hospitals, they often think of places of healing. Yet, as much as hospitals are institutions where medical care is given to those in need, they are also businesses. With the rising cost of medical care and soaring profits, many find the ideas of providing needed healthcare and generating business conflicting. Though most medical professionals are able to separate the two, ensuring that patients and not profits are put first, sometimes problematic and even tragic events occur that raise questions.

This is the case with the recent death of a Florida man who passed away mere hours after receiving a costly procedure that may not have been necessary. According to reports, the man had cardiomyopathy, a disease that leads to an enlarged heart. As a result of his condition, the 56-year-old man was unable to pump adequate amounts of blood through his body, resulting in shortness of breath and pericardial effusion, a condition where the sac surrounding the heart fills with fluid.

According to a medical malpractice lawsuit that has been filed in the matter, the man was stable with no signs of pain or negative medical conditions when doctors decided to perform a pericardiocentesis, where a tube is inserted into the chest to allow fluid to drain. Three hours following this procedure, the man reportedly died. The victim’s family, who is pursuing the claim, says that the decision to perform the procedure was seemingly motivated by money and not the health of the patient.

Tragically, far too many Floridians are subjected to unnecessary medical treatment that puts them at risk of harm. Those who have been harmed by hospital negligence should carefully consider their legal options, as a successful claim could shed light on an important issues and lead to the recovery of much needed compensation.

Source: Health News Florida, “Malpractice Case against St. Pete Hospital Questions ‘Business of Medicine’,” Carol Gentry, July 28, 2016


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