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Poor treatment can make bedsores worse

Elderly individuals in Florida may need the assistance of a nursing home to receive the medical attention and day-to-day help they need. These residences should be staffed by skilled and knowledgeable personnel who can identify and appropriately react to health concerns. This includes the onset of a medical condition, a failure to be administered medication and improper supervision. Unfortunately, though, sometimes these professionals neglect their duties and fail to put a stop to injurious acts or lack of action.

This can prove dangerous when bedsores come into play. Also known as pressure sores, these wounds develop when an individual is not properly repositioned after a period of time, causing contact points to become injured. Though these should be prevented in a nursing home facility, they still occur. When one does appear on a resident, the nursing home staff should take appropriate action. First, it is critical that the wound is kept clean to prevent infection and, thus, further harm. But that is not the full extent of bedsore care.

Second, nursing home employees should apply dressing to the wound. This act will promote healing and keep healthy skin near the sore dry. There are a number of medicines that may help the wound heal and prevent infection.

Though these steps might help prevent a wound from getting worse, a bedsore sufferer may need further medical attention. These individuals may need to see a doctor to have damaged tissue removed. There are a number of ways this can be done, but it should be done quickly to prevent further damage to surrounding tissue.

Florida nursing home residents who have suffered bedsores as a result of nursing home neglect may be able to pursue compensation for their damages via a lawsuit. If the bedsores were improperly treated and thereby led to more extensive harm, then the amount of recoverable compensation may be increased. To learn more about how the law may help them, nursing home neglect victims may want to talk to a legal professional.

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