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Hospitals can be a place of health and healing, but they can also be institutions where unthinkable medical mistakes are made. This can be terrifying for Floridians, and rightfully so. After all, on a daily basis, Floridians instill their trust in the doctors and nurses who treat them. Yet, the sad reality remains, that, despite efforts made by patients to prevent medical errors, many are left with serious injuries, worsened medical conditions and even fatal circumstances.

This can be especially true in the context of surgery. A surgical error can include an accidentally nicked organ, a wrong-site surgery, or an altogether wrong operation. The resulting damage caused by such a mistake can have long-lasting effects, which is why it is important for those who have been injured by a negligent doctor to carefully consider their legal options.

If you find yourself in this situation, then you might want to think about filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. These claims, when successful, may bring much needed compensation to cover your losses, including medical expenses and lost wages. But such claims are rarely, if ever, a walk in the park. If you file a lawsuit, you will likely face experienced defense attorneys who have a massive amount of resources at their disposal. They will try to attack every aspect of your claim, which can put your financial future in jeopardy.

However, with skilled representation on your side, you might be able to strengthen your claim and persuade a judge and jury to side with you. At Ford, Dean & Rotundo PA, we work with our clients to not only assess how the law can buttress their claim, but also how their claim will be attacked. This type of thinking can allow you to make your claim as strong as possible under the circumstances, which is critical when trying to impose liability on another.


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