A few weeks ago on this blog we discussed arbitration and how it can come into play when nursing home neglect occurs. Arbitration can be a way to resolve disputes without taking a matter to court, but this doesn’t mean that the process isn’t adversarial. Those who are forced to arbitrate their claims due to clauses in their contract with a nursing home will still be able to put forth evidence in an attempt to convince the arbitrator that negligence caused their harm and they should be compensated for said harm.

For many Floridians, though, the process of settlement negotiations, trial, and arbitration can be daunting. Evidentiary rules must be followed and convincing arguments must be made. Also, the other side’s evidence must be challenged. Though some may feel as if they can tackle these matters on their own, others believe that they need the professional assistance of an experienced attorney.

We at Ford Dean & Rotundo have extensive experience handling nursing home neglect cases. With sound knowledge of legal rules and how the law applies to specific circumstances, we aim to give our clients the best representation possible. We work to fully inform our clients so that they can make the decisions that are right for them, and, once those decisions are made, we fight for that stance.

Stepping into the legal arena can be tough for those who are still suffering from serious injuries or mourning the loss of a loved one. Yet, a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can be a powerful tool to not only recover compensation for damages suffered, but also to shine a light on an issue that is wholly unacceptable. At our firm, we want to amplify victims’ voices and ensure that the whole community knows that what happened to them was wrong.