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Missed diagnoses caused by negligence are unacceptable

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2016 | Failure To Diagnose

Our last blog post discussed the diagnosis of breast cancer. Though medical professionals have a number of tests at their disposal to make accurate cancer diagnoses, the human element in the process often leads to errors. Where a failure to diagnose occurs, victims may be deprived of a significant chance of beating the disease, and the mistake may even wind up being fatal. And cancer isn’t the only medical condition susceptible to misdiagnosis. Every illness, injury and disease has the potential to be misdiagnosed by negligent medical professionals.

So what happens if you become the victim of a missed diagnosis? In addition to the physical effects, you might also face emotional turmoil and financial losses. You might need extensive medical care that you otherwise would not need and you may be left too ill to work and earn a wage. In other words, you and your family could wind up facing significant challenges, which is why it is critical that you fully consider your legal options.

Ford, Dean & Rotundo PA helps medical malpractice victims better understand their legal rights so that they can take the steps they feel support their best interests. If the decision is to move forward with a medical malpractice claim, then we diligently apply the law, assess whether the applicable standard of care was breached, and just how much and what type of damage was caused. Then, armed with our years of negotiating and litigating skills, we fight for our clients’ rights and the compensation they deserve.

By fighting for what you deserve, you not only give yourself a chance to recover your damages, but you send a strong message to the medical field. A successful medical malpractice claim can deter future negligence and spur the change needed in the medical field to ensure patient safety. To learn more about what you can do to protect yourself and your family, fight for what you deserve and hold negligent medical professionals accountable, you may want to speak with a Florida medical malpractice attorney.


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