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Medication errors harm many, causing significant damages

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2016 | Medication Errors

There are many ways that medical professionals can treat their patients. It all starts with an accurate diagnosis, then proceeds with treatment in the form of medication regimens and/or surgical operations. Though the education and experience possessed by doctors and nurses should render them qualified to safely and effectively treat individuals, all too often mistakes are made that result in harm. In these instances, victims may want to pursue a medical malpractice claim.

One common area of medical malpractice is medication errors. These mishaps, which can include administering the wrong medication or the wrong dosage, have been found to harm approximately 1.5 million people every year. Making matters worse, although hospitals must report medical errors, including those involving medication mistakes, in order to receive Medicare, an investigation conducted by the Office of the Inspector General discovered that many errors go unreported.

Though there are many advocacy groups and lawmakers seeking to curtail the prevalence of medication errors, far too many individuals, including Floridians, are left with serious injuries or a worsened medical condition as a result of medication errors. The physical, emotional and financial losses associated with these errors can be extensive, leaving victims struggling to return to their normal life and make ends meet.

This is why those who have been wronged by a medical professional should carefully consider their legal options. A successful medical malpractice lawsuit might not only deter doctors and nurses from making medication errors in the future, but it could also lead to the recovery of compensation for damages suffered. This is significant, as it could help a victim reclaim his or her life, find closure and obtain the financial stability he or she deserves.

Source: Patient Safety Movement, “Challenge #2: Medication Errors,” accessed on April 22, 2016


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