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Ford Dean & Rotundo stands up to negligent nursing homes

Nursing homes play an important role in our society. They provide vital care to our elderly loved ones, oftentimes when family members are unable to provide that care themselves. Though these homes should provide peace of mind and safe, healthy, caring environments, all too often they do not. Mistakes, carelessness and intentional acts and omissions can leave a nursing home resident at risk of harm that could lead to long-term consequences and, potentially, death.

Last week on the blog we discussed some of the damages that can be recovered from a successful nursing home neglect lawsuit. The compensation recovered from these lawsuits can be quite beneficial, providing a victim and his or her family with much needed financial support. It can help ease pain and suffering, cover medical expenses and serve as punishment for those who acted negligently.

Even though a nursing home abuse or neglect lawsuit can be extremely helpful to a victim trying to recover in the aftermath of the incident, they oftentimes face serious challenges. Nursing homes and their attorneys often put forth any number of defenses, seeking to limit their liability. With aggressively attacking these defenses, a victim may suffer from a decreased chance of success on his or her claim. Therefore, it may be helpful for Floridians who have been hurt by nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse to speak with an experienced legal team about how to pursue their claim.

Ford, Dean & Rotundo stands up against negligent nursing home professionals, the companies for which they work and their zealous attorneys. We proudly advocate for our clients, putting forth persuasive legal arguments in an attempt to convince judge and jury that negligence or abuse occurred, injuries resulted from that negligence and compensable damages resulted. Our record in representing those wronged by nursing homes is strong and we always look forward to discussing how we can help those who have been treated unfairly by the system in which they trusted.


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