A jury has awarded a six-figure award to an estate in a medical malpractice case.

The estate of Alfonso Olivera, who died at 73, sued Lifemark Hospitals in Florida Inc., alleging he was at high risk for falls and should have been monitored more closely after a March 2013 admission. While in the intensive care unit, Olivera got out of bed, fell, struck his head and suffered a catastrophic subdural hematoma. He died March 26, 2013.

Before trial, Lifemark conceded liability and causation. In the damages trial, the company argued the jury should award only $150,000 due to Olivera’s likely short lifespan and subpar quality of life. The jury disagreed and awarded the estate $750,000.

Case: Estate of Olivera v. Lifemark Hospitals of Florida

Case no.: 15-2514 CA-01

Plaintiffs attorneys: William A. Dean and Michael J. Rotundo, Ford, Dean & Rotundo, Aventura

Defense attorneys: Cary W. Capper and Oscar J. Cabanas, Wicker Smith O’Hara McCoy & Ford, Coral Gables

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