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What kind of medical tests can help diagnose a stroke?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2016 | Failure To Diagnose

Many different health conditions share symptoms. Without proper and thorough medical attention, a person’s headache could be attributed to a minor medical condition when, in reality, it is a sign of something much more serious. The diagnosis process is thus a critical juncture for a patient, and one that could mean the difference between saving health and falling into dire conditions.

One of these medical conditions that can and should be properly diagnosed is stroke. There are many tests that medical professionals can conduct in order to determine if an individual has suffered a stroke. Amongst them are a physical examination, blood tests, a CT scan, an MRI, a carotid ultrasound, a cerebral angiogram and an echocardiogram. Each test has its advantages, but multiple tests may be necessary to determine if a stroke has occurred and where the blood clot may have formed.

Medical professionals should be well aware of these tests and how they can be beneficial in the diagnosis of stroke. Unfortunately, however, sometimes doctors and nurses are too quick to write off symptoms as something minor and fail to order the appropriate tests. When this happens, an individual can fall victim to serious harm.

Those who are injured due to a medical professional’s failure to diagnose or a missed diagnosis may be able to recover compensation for their losses via a medical malpractice lawsuit. The process is not always easy, as negligence and causation must be shown, but medical malpractice claims can help victims assess the tests that were conducted and whether or not they were proper and interpreted accurately.

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