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Medication errors and how the FDA tries to prevent them

Adequate healthcare often incorporates several elements. A patient must be thoroughly examined, accurately diagnosed, and appropriately treated, whether that means prescribing medication, conducting an operation, or both. Many Miamians undergo medical care with no issues. Others, though, are subjected to negligent care that can leave them worse off than they were before treatment.

One of the more common types of medical mistakes is medication errors. These preventable incidences can arise when a handwritten prescription is misread, drug names are confused, medical professionals lack knowledge about the medication, or wrong administration instructions are given to patients. Medication errors can also occur when drugs are inappropriately administered in the emergency room and in nursing homes.

Fortunately, the government has stepped in to try to curtail these mishaps. The FDA has made attempts to limit drug name confusion, improve drug labeling, and track medication errors when they do occur. Although these efforts are admirable and may make a real difference, the sad reality is that for far too many victims, the action is too little, too late. Instead, they must cope with the harm caused by the mistake, which can be quite significant.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent doctor or institution responsible for the error may provide a victim with needed compensation and shine a spotlight on this extremely important issue. Yet, recovering damages, including medical expenses and lost wages, is no easy feat. Certain legal elements must be proven, which may require the examination of witnesses, the introduction of evidence, and a solid legal argument. Depending on the circumstances, a medical malpractice lawyer may be able to assist a victim with this process so they can find financial stability, focus on their health, and further deter negligent acts or omissions that contribute to medication errors.

Source: FDA, “Strategies to Reduce Medication Errors: Working to Improve Medication Safety,” accessed on Oct. 30, 2015


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