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How common are inadvertent punctures during surgery?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Surgical Errors

Many Floridians who have to undergo a medical procedure feel uneasy about the idea. They may feel queasy about being rendered unconscious and then being cut open and prodded. Yet, with today’s medical technology and knowledge, many operations go off without a hitch, and patients are left better off. No system is perfect, however, and when mistakes occur during a surgery, the results can be tragic.

What is really concerning is the prevalence with which surgical errors occur. Studies have shown that for every 1,000 patients, there is an accidental laceration or puncture affecting more than three of those individuals. This type of mishap is more likely to occur in older patients, meaning those age 65 and older. Even more terrifying is that thousands of people die from medical mistakes.

Surgical errors can be caused by any number of factors. A doctor may be inadequately trained, fatigued or careless. Nurses may negligently monitor the patient. In some instances, the operation may even take place on the wrong body part. Regardless of the cause, the pain and suffering inflicted upon the victim is wholly unacceptable, and those responsible for the harm should be held accountable.

One of the best ways to hold the negligent party accountable and recover damages is to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. If successful, a victim may be able to raise awareness of surgical errors, deter other medical professionals from acting negligently during an operation, and recoup compensation for their losses. It is hoped, then, that those who bravely stand up to doctors and the hospitals at which they work will find a sense of justice, closure and peace of mind.

Source: Right Diagnosis, “Prevalence and Incidence of Surgical errors/complications,” accessed on Nov. 6, 2015


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