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We fight to hold negligent nursing homes accountable

We tend to trust nursing homes. So much so, that we often choose to give them the responsibility of providing vital care to our elderly loved ones. Yet, as was discussed in last week’s blog, sometimes these institutions provide nothing more than a nightmare. Under staffing, lack of training, failure to properly monitor and medication errors are just a handful of the numerous ways that nursing home residents can be put at risk of harm. Nursing home abuse, too, can arise in our state’s nursing homes.

So what can be done to stop and prevent nursing home neglect from occurring and causing harm to our loved ones? Well, safety regulations have been put in place in an effort to ensure nursing homes follow best practices to further resident safety. But, as we can tell by reading the news, these regulations are often ineffective. Filing a lawsuit can be an effective way to help you and your family recover your losses and aid in deterring industry negligence.

Deciding whether to take legal action can be stressful, and the attorneys at Ford, Dean & Rotundo fully understand. Yet, we also know that knowledge is power. We therefore believe that those who have suffered harm caused by nursing home neglect or abuse should consider finding out more about what they can do to protect their interests and help reshape the safety of the industry.

This can be done by speaking with an experienced legal team, like the one at our firm. Our attorneys have handled many cases over the years, and we are proud of our track record and reputation. Based on that experience, we can provide sound advice from a perspective that is honest, but hopeful. We hope that those who contact us walk away with the information they need to make the legal decisions that protect their best interests.


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