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Can Floridians’ strokes be misdiagnosed?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2015 | Failure To Diagnose

There are a lot of very serious medical conditions out there that can suddenly present themselves to unsuspecting Floridians. It may sound scary, but those who are proactive about their health may be able to curtail certain diseases. On the other hand, with so many illnesses in the world, it may be difficult even for a medical professional to accurately diagnose your condition. Sometimes, this is expected, as even new medical technologies have their limitations. Other times, however, a failure to diagnose can be caused by doctor error. If this happens, you could wind up with a worsened condition that could threaten your well-being and your life.

Symptoms of a stroke, for example, can be misinterpreted as the results of another condition. In other words, there are many conditions that mimic the symptoms of a stroke. Hypoglycemia may present a stroke-like picture, as can brain lesions and seizures. A stroke may even be confused for a migraine. This is terrifying as failing to treat a migraine may be painful and frustrating, but failing to treat a stroke can be fatal.

Therefore, if you go to the doctor with what are considered stroke symptoms, you and your loved ones need to make sure that your doctor is being as thorough as possible. Do not be afraid to ask questions and probe for more information. It is your health in the doctor’s hands, so you are entitled to as much information as is available.

In the tragic event that you are injured by a missed diagnosis, you should consider your legal options. By taking action, you might be able to hold a negligent medical professional accountable and recover much needed compensation.

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