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Back in July, we dedicated a post to talking about Florida nursing home abuse and the risk factors associated with it. Sadly, Florida nursing home abuse is a reality that leaves far too many of our elderly loved one’s seriously injured and emotionally traumatized. Making these events even more tragic is the fact that, in many instances, they could have been prevented by diligent nursing home facilities and employees. These institutions and their workers should be dedicated to resident safety, but, for whatever reason, there are sometimes lapses that lead to heartbreaking consequences.

Those who are harmed by nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect have legal rights that they can choose to act upon. In the civil law realm, a victim or his or her family can file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the harm, which may include an employee and the institution at which he or she works.

By filing a claim, a victim can raise awareness of the issue, which may spur changes that keep other nursing home residents safe. Additionally, winning a lawsuit may bring much needed compensation to help cover medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Yet, when confronting a nursing home in a court of law, you may be confronted by a strong defense and a team of lawyers. Therefore, it might be in your best interests to seek out legal help to ensure that you make as strong of a case as is possible. Experienced, dedicated and compassionate attorneys, like those at Ford, Dean & Rotundo, will do everything in their power to reach as favorable an outcome, under the given circumstances.

Our attorneys are skilled at negotiation and litigation, and we passionately fight for what our clients deserve. We recognize the choice of an attorney is a difficult one, particularly when dealing with a traumatic event, such as nursing home abuse. But, we encourage those affected by nursing home neglect or abuse to fully consider their legal options and to make a decision that fully supports their wants and needs.


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