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Florida LPNs and the nursing home supervisor role

Nursing homes play a vital role in Florida. When our elderly loved ones become incapable of caring for them and we are not in a position to care for them, they may be placed in a nursing home. It is hoped that these institutions will provide their residents with the attention and care they need and deserve. Far too often, though, innocent nursing home residents are subjected to neglect and abuse.

With this in mind, many Floridians may find themselves asking how supervisors are trained to ensure that nursing home staff are carrying out their duties to the fullest extent. Under the Florida Administrative Code, an LPN, or licensed practical nurse, must complete a supervisory course through an approved education program. This course must define the role of the supervisor, including directing the work tasks of others, evaluating employees, holding employees accountable and resolving conflict. Additionally, LPNs must be given at least 16 hours of supervisory experienced observed by a registered nurse.

It is worth noting that not all nursing homes have LPNs in supervisor roles. Nonetheless, despite who is overseeing the work of nursing home staff, the sad fact remains that any leadership deficiencies can result in injurious nursing home neglect. This is wholly unfair and unacceptable, and those responsible for the harm should be held accountable.

Those who have been hurt by nursing home abuse or neglect should consider the legal options available to them to recover their damages. Even if an individual is hurt by a nursing home employee, his or her supervisor and the nursing home itself may be held accountable. If a lawsuit against these individuals and the institution is successful, then much needed money may be recovered to help cover medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Source: FLRules.org, “LPN Supervision in Nursing Home Facilities,” accessed on Sept. 18, 2015


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