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Failure to diagnose: looking for Florida cancer

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2015 | Failure To Diagnose

Nobody likes to think about cancer, and the reality that they could someday come face-to-face with it. Yet, there are steps that Floridians can take to help beat and even prevent cancer. Refraining from smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising are all great ways to reduce the risk. However, even those who are proactive in their health may find themselves in a serious medical situation after their doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer.

As an example, let us look at skin cancer. Individuals can conduct self-examinations to discover and track any bumps and moles on their skin. It is important that these individuals discuss their findings with their doctor. If a mole or bump does turn out to be cancer, it can be treated accordingly. Tragically, though, at this point, there is a lot that is outside of the patient’s control.

First, a doctor needs to properly assess a bump or mole upon initial consultation. Second, any biopsies taken of the skin condition need to be tested in a competent manner, and lab results must be read correctly. Even if everything goes well up until this point, a patient still needs to rely on a doctor to come up with an adequate treatment plan that attacks the cancer, while keeping the patient safe.

Patients need to be diligent in their doctor’s appointments, but, as can be seen here, one mistake in the diagnosing process can be significantly harmful or even fatal. Those who have suffered harm, a decreased chance of survival or the loss of a loved likely have a lot of physical, emotional and financial matters to deal with. By speaking with a competent Florida medical malpractice attorney, a victim may be able to hold a negligent doctor accountable, find justice and closure and recover compensation for his or her damages.

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