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Man dies in the heat, nursing home neglect may be to blame

Summer is in full swing, and many Floridians are taking the time to enjoy the sun and the heat. Of course, the sun and the heat are almost always present in southern Florida, which is why so many elderly individuals choose to make their home here. Yet, though many of us know when our bodies have had too much sun and can readily go inside to escape the heat, those older individuals who are in the care of another may not be so fortunate. In fact, one man recently lost his life to what many are claiming is nursing home neglect.

The 91-year-old man died at a Florida nursing home after allegedly being left out in the heat. Though the nursing home in question is often thought of as clean, having a friendly staff, and highly ranked, some say the institution is woefully understaffed. An investigation is currently underway, headed by the Department of Children and Families, to determine if neglect played a part in the death. While the investigation remains active, the nursing home’s staff is to remain silent, and all allegations of wrongdoing have been disclaimed by administrators.

Death is an unfortunate reality in nursing homes. Most of the time, these losses are natural, with no wrongdoing of any sort. In some instances, though, perhaps like the one mentioned above, nursing home staff and administrators fail in their duties to keep residents safe. Whether it is a failure to monitor patients, properly implement safeguards, adequately feed, or a case of nursing home abuse, innocent individuals can be seriously harmed or killed by the negligent or reckless acts of others.

Those who are hurt or lose a loved one to nursing home neglect often have a lot to deal with. Their emotions may run on high and they might be fearful of what will come next. By taking legal action, these individuals may be able to find closure and compensation for their losses.

Source: WZVN, “DCF investigating death at Charlotte Harbor Healthcare,” Chris Gilmore, June 15, 2015


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