Going to the hospital can be a scary experience. Individuals may have to undergo an operation, take medication, or stay at the hospital for observation. No matter the circumstances, these patients’ health and safety is placed in the hands of educated and trained medical professionals. That should be comforting. But the sad reality is that even the best trained doctors and nurses can make mistakes that leave an individual in a dire predicament.

This may be the case for one woman who claims a Florida hospital exposed her to HIV. According to the woman, she shared a room with another patient who was HIV-positive and a nurse accidentally used an IV on both patients. The woman, who has undergone multiple tests, seems to be free of the disease at this point, but the emotional toll taken on her appears to have been excessive. Therefore, she is suing the hospital for damages.

A major slip up like this at the hospital is unacceptable. While the woman has not shown signs of being infected yet, even the stress of being exposed can be damaging to one’s well-being. For this reason, those who have suffered harm at the hands of hospital negligence should consider their options with regards to filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

By filing a legal claim, a victim puts him or herself in a position to potentially recover much needed compensation. Additionally, hospital professionals will be put on notice that such careless acts really do affect lives, and that they should be more careful in the future. Perhaps then future Floridians can receive the competent care they need without worry of being inadvertently hurt.

Source: WFTV, “Woman blames Florida Hospital for accidentally exposing her to HIV,” May 20, 2015