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What is cerebral palsy?

This blog dedicates a significant portion of its time discussing medical mistakes that can cause devastating injuries to the elderly. While these issues are certainly worth discussing at length and addressing legally, should the need arise, it is also important to note that the youngest amongst us are just as vulnerable to injuries caused by medical malpractice. One medical condition known as cerebral palsy can be caused by hospital negligence and can leave a newborn child with severe impairment.

Cerebral palsy is a medical disorder that affects movement, posture and/or muscle tone, which can leave an individual incapacitated for life. The condition is caused by harm to a child’s brain, typically before birth. There are several symptoms of cerebral palsy, including rigid or extremely loose limbs, abnormal posture, difficulty walking and exaggerated and oftentimes involuntary movements. The severity of symptoms can be wide-ranging, but many individuals who have cerebral palsy also have trouble with speech and eating.

Treating cerebral palsy is no easy feat. A sufferer may need long-term care to allow him or her to live as normal of a life as possible. Help may be needed for the sufferer to bathe, eat, and partake in other daily activities. Unfortunately, this long-term care can take a toll on the sufferer and his or her family’s emotional and financial well-being. Therefore, many of these families struggle to find a way to make ends meet.

If cerebral palsy was caused by medical malpractice, then compensation may be recoverable for a victim’s damages. Typically, this would mean that a doctor’s mistake caused the baby to be deprived of oxygen, resulting in the brain damage that leads to cerebral palsy. By speaking with an experienced Florida legal team, these families can determine if filing a legal claim is right for them.

Source: Mayo Clinic, “Cerebral palsy,” accessed March 27, 2015


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