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Resident-to-resident mistreatment: what is it?

Floridians who wind up in a nursing home should be able to live a happy and healthy life there. In fact, federal regulations give patients certain rights and require institutions to follow strict protocols to ensure resident safe from nursing home neglect and elder abuse. Sadly, though, nursing homes do not always live up to their standard of care. When this happens, residents can suffer serious, life-altering harm and, perhaps, even death. Therefore, it is important to know the types of risk that can be posed in these environments and what can be done if an individual is harmed.

One risk to nursing home patients is resident-to-resident mistreatment. This occurs when one long-term care resident mistreats another resident. It can take the form of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse, and it is often aggressive. Victims can suffer significant physical and emotional harm from which it can be difficult to recover. These altercations can occur when roommates get into an argument, an individual’s personal privacy is invaded, a resident is subjected to threats and/or harassment, and unwanted sexual advancements are made against another resident.

Though an aggressor in these situations may suffer from a mental health problem, a nursing home still needs to be able to protect other residents from nursing home injuries. This means those with aggressive behavior or mental health issues should be closely monitored. A failure to do so could result in tragic consequences.

When an individual suffers harm at the hands of another resident, and the attack that caused injuries could and should have been prevented by the nursing home and its staff, then a lawsuit may be filed against the institution. If successful, compensation may be recoverable for a victim’s damages.

Source: The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care, “What Is Resident-to-Resident Mistreatment?” accessed on March 20, 2015


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