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Failure to detect heart disease can be tragic

Floridians go to the doctor in hopes of discovering what ails them and having it remedied as best and as quickly as possible. Though many doctors effectively treat their patients, leading to at least some success, others make mistakes that cause significant harm to innocent, unsuspecting individuals. Though these errors can occur at any time during the treatment process, they can also occur during diagnosis, which can cause a worsened medical condition and even a decreased chance of survival.

One of the medical conditions often misdiagnosed is heart disease. Unfortunately, many of heart disease’s symptoms mimic those of other ailments. Symptoms might include coughing, weakness, nausea, sweating and shortness of breath. If a medical professional is not diligent in assessing these symptoms, then he or she may diagnose a patient with another, unrelated illness such as gallstones or anxiety. This can cause the disease to worsen and may even lead to premature death.

Those who suffer from a worsened condition, or families of those individuals killed by heart disease, may experience several types of losses. Physically, a victim may be unable to participate in everyday activities. Emotionally, a victim or his or her family can be devastated knowing that the disease has worsened or led to the victim’s death. Financially, a victim or his or her family may lose much needed wages and be forced to cope with extensive medical and, sometimes, funeral bills.

Thus, there is a lot at stake when a Floridian is receiving a diagnosis. When a failure to detect heart disease leaves an individual harmed, he or she may want to consider taking legal action. By filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, a victim may be able to recover the compensation needed to address the damages mentioned above.

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