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What is Adult Protective Services?

Many Floridians who have beloved elderly ones concern themselves with how to ensure those loved ones are properly cared for. They may pay to have their loved one taken care of by professionals in a nursing home, or hire an in-home healthcare worker. In some instances, these elderly individuals move in with family members or decide to remain in their own home and care for themselves. No matter the circumstances, though, elderly individuals can find themselves at risk of harm. Sometimes it comes in the form of nursing home abuse or neglect.

Our blog talks a lot about nursing home neglect and abuse, and we often touch on how you can help keep your loved ones safe. The good news is that the onus of keeping our elderly safe does not fall on you alone. The Adult Protective Services program in Florida seeks to ensure these individuals receive proper care and are not abused. One way the state does this is by mandating individuals to report suspected abuse and/or neglect.

All calls to the Florida Abuse Hotline are screened to determine which reports require additional investigation. If a report is deemed serious enough for further analysis, then an investigator will be assigned to the case. This professional will delve into the matter to determine the risks posed to the sufferer and whether additional services are needed to keep that individual safe.

Those who suspect their elderly loved one has been abused or neglected by nursing home staff should contact Adult Protective Services. They should also consider contacting the local authorities. Those who have suffered harm caused by abuse or neglect may also want to discuss the matter with a Miami attorney, who may be able to help them file a legal claim in an attempt to recover compensation.

Source: Florida Department of Children and Families, “Adult Protective Services,” accessed on Dec. 27, 2014


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