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What is a common type of surgical error?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2014 | Surgical Errors

It is usually quite difficult for Floridians to go under the knife for a medical operation. Though you might feel safe in the hands of your doctor, many times there is a natural concern about what can go wrong. The fact that you have no control over a surgery means that you are completely vulnerable. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that you can be seriously injured by a surgical error.

One type of surgical error is the retained surgical item. This mishap occurs when medical professionals fail to remove all surgical instruments prior to closing up a patient’s incisions, thus leaving the devices inside the patient’s body. It is estimated that this type of medical malpractice occurs up to 2,000 time each year across America. This is far too often.

Though these items can cause immediate health repercussions, they sometimes go undiscovered for years. All the while the patient’s body can be reacting negatively, causing pain, fever and infection. In many instances, these patients must have a second surgery in order to rectify the situation. This can cause additional pain, result in more scarring, and more medical expenses to be incurred. The effects of such an incident may be long-lasting and can leave a patient permanently disabled or even deceased.

Many technologies have been developed in an effort to curb these types of surgical errors. Chips places on surgical sponges may help medical professionals ensure they have a proper count before closing the operation, perhaps reducing the risk to patients. However, the sad reality is that human error is still a major player in operations and operational error. Therefore, these types of incidences will continue to occur into the foreseeable future. Those who have been hurt by a surgical mishap should consider speaking with a Miami medical malpractice attorney to discover and act on their legal rights.

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