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Our last post on the blog discussed the unfortunate reality that cancer misdiagnosis is a real problem confronting many patients throughout the country, including those here in Florida. Though people might be afraid to go to the doctor to learn of a medical condition, it can be even more terrifying to learn that a doctor missed a dangerous, sometimes fatal disease. If a medical professional’s failure to diagnose cancer has struck you, then you know the results can be traumatic.

No matter the medical condition, a missed diagnosis can cause a lot of heartache and pain, as well as significant financial strain. A victim of a doctor’s failure to diagnose may be left with a worsened medical condition, increased medical expenses, and sometimes even a decreased chance of survival. This is wholly unacceptable, and we at Ford & Dean make it our mission to ensure our clients’ voices are heard.

Far too often, negligent medical professionals and institutions try to sweep mistakes under the rug and force victims to remain silent. We’ll do our best to ensure that doesn’t happen to our clients. We know it might be difficult for victims to find their voices after such tragic mishaps, but we can offer support throughout the legal process.

For those who have been harmed by a missed diagnosis, it might be in his or her best interest to speak to an experienced, compassionate, diligent and aggressive attorney like those at Ford & Dean. For more information about missed diagnoses, please visit our Medical Malpractice page.


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